Compare And Contrast Materialism And Dualism

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Neuroscience, Brain Lesion Deficit and Alzheimer's is the best evidence for Materialism. Firstly, I'll explain what materialism is and its opposing theory, dualism. Then I'll describe the evidence for materialism and respond with how dualists would. I conclude that Materialism is the best mind theory due to scientific evidence.

Materialism and Dualism are both theories based on where the mind is located. The mind consists of mental states. Mental states can be divided into three categories: cognitive, conative and affective. Cognitive states are aimed at fitting the world and these include beliefs, knowledge,memories, understanding and experiences. Conative states are aimed at changing the world through decisions, choices, will and …show more content…

What sense is there in having a third party when everything can just be done in the brain? What stops the soul from having the other functions of the brain if they are so deeply connected. There's no evidence for the existence of a soul and any missing gaps explaining how the soul and the body interact are just explained as "it's mysterious."

Alzheimer disease shows using neuroscience and brain lesion deficit that it damages the brain and people with the disease lose many of their mental states and what makes them an individual. When a person has Alzheimer's their brain is damaged and they develop impaired memory, thinking and behaviour. Through damages to the brain from the disease and other research scientists can conclude that certain mental states can be attributed to certain parts of the brain. Such as, that the temporal lobes of the brain process working memory and higher emotions such as empathy, morality and regret, the limbic system contains our desire and emotions, the hippocampus forms new memories and that the cerebellum stores our muscle memory. When a person has Alzheimer's the brain cells die and lead to the brain shrinking. The connections within the brain are also damaged so signals cannot be passed. (, 2014) If the mind was not in fact within the brain how could Alzheimer's affect a persons mental states that are located within the soul? The soul would be perfectly intact as would

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