Evil And Evil In Lucille Fletcher's 'The Hitchhiker'

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Everyone tries to avoid bad things in life, but our world is faced with lots of bad or evil activity and Lucille Fletcher´s ¨The Hitchhiker¨ is no different. The character Ronald Adams is faced with an unknown man, Ronald first sees the man on the Brooklyn Bridge and swerves to miss the hitchhiker .As Ronald swerves, he get into a car accident as Ronald sees the man continually the hitchhiker will bring Ronald insanity on the drive to New Mexico, Ronald sees this man many times; he continues to go crazy; he has mood swings and tries to find the man. As Ronald drives, he obsesses over the hitchhiker. In ¨The Hitchhiker¨, Fletcher uses the hiker to represents, evil in order to build suspense in the short story. However the suspense in the story, Fletcher uses throughout her story link the hiker to something evil and bad. By Fletcher linking the hiker to evil, it becomes an object of malignant, wicked , and corrupt thoughts in Ronald´s mind. For example, when Ronald describes what the hitchhiker looks like, but Ronald is not frightened by the hiker, only nervous when he encounters the hiker.
¨Let me explain his appearance before I go on, there was nothing sinister about him. He was as drab as a mud fence, nor was his attitude menacing. He merely stood there - waiting almost dropping a little, the cheap overnight bag in his hand. He looked as though he´d

been waiting for hours. And he looked up. He hailed me. He started walking forward¨
(Fletcher 7).

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