Evil Is An Entity That Poisons The Minds Of The World

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As a child, I grew up in a very Christian atmosphere, and by Christian, I do not mean innocent or happy. Throughout the whole of my childhood I was beaten over the head with the words of the bible. Every Sunday, my siblings and I would attend Sunday school and every session, we would learn about god and the devil, a saint and a sinner, good and evil- between the Bible readings and hymns of course. The topic of good and evil always eluded me, which shows now I guess. The world is full of so many conflicting opinions. Of what is good- and more importantly- what is evil. Christians believe evil is an entity that poisons the minds of the mortal. More commonly known as “The devil”. A lot of people believe evil is not an entity but something…show more content…
My eyes slowly began to adjust to the darkness of the room. I sat staring at, what can only be described as the mess that lay before me, wondering what had happened. The warm sticky pools that had formed helped as a dark reminder. It hit me. This, this horror, this hill of hideousness, it was me. I should be horrified by this, the carcass I had fashioned, the… monster that I was, I could never hurt someone, I should be sickened, but I wasn 't. I was calm, I was cool, and if anything at all, I was excited. The buzz filled my whole body, from my head to my toes, a feeling anyone would crave. There, in that darkened 12th floor apartment of gore is where my story begins. A cold shiver vibrated down my spine. Until now I hadn’t realised how cold it was, I suppose it was good in a way. The body would take longer to decompose, the fact I knew this frightened me. It was the middle of winter just after Christmas and I was saving money by using the heater sparingly. I wasn’t unemployed, just the sexist fucking pigs at work barely paid me enough to live on. I suppose that’s what most men are like though. Men always have this preconceived image of what women should be like and I was never one to stick to the rules. Rules. I thought I might have pushed the boat out a bit with this one. I began to panic.
‘Should I tell someone? No that’s a stupid idea. And Now I’m talking to myself. Great! I’ve done it, I’ve finally lost my marbles. I could
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