Essay on Evil Is an Illness in Shakespeare's MacBeth

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Illness is defined as a disease of the body or mind; poor health; sickness. Not only is it a disease, but it’s also evil and wickedness. Let’s travel through Shakespeare’s Macbeth to see how Shakespeare proves this to be true. While Macbeth’s power expands, his physical illness shows his evilness. Lady Macbeth’s increasing physical illness represents her growing guilt. As evil and guilt appear more and more, it makes clear the decrease in mental stability. By examining illness, one can determine that physical illness is a metaphor for the illness of their minds. Evil is shown to get the best of Macbeth as he gains power. Macbeth begins to turn away from being a hero and good to the devil’s spawn. Before, he used to be open and let people …show more content…

“The illness should attend it.” Lady Macbeth understands this concept and that the evil later on is going to have worse consequences than what she ever imagined. There is no doubt that Lady Macbeth recognizes that her wickedness is not enough for the plans that Macbeth and Lady Macbeth’s awareness of this evil being there in the future is what is helping to lead to her guilt. From her actions, others are able to see what she is truly feeling. “The heart is sorely charged.” A great burden is being carried by Lady Macbeth. All of the wrongs she has done are coming back to haunt her. Her emotions, and thoughts are overwhelming her with her memories causing her guilt. The increase in evil and guilt make evident the decrease in mental stability. The more a powerful thing grow inside of a person, the more it starts to take over them. “So brain-sickly of things.” Evil has taken the mind out of its normal state and turned it around to think like evil would. Macbeth’s mind was twisted to think and believe that murder was right. Guilt has made the brain overwork that the information it has held all this time finally is told. Lady Macbeth eventually tells the truth without knowing it because she can’t handle the guilt. A disease of the body or mind; poor health; sickness, is known to be illness. Shakespeare has given us the proof, from Macbeth, needed to prove that illness can be both a disease and evil. Macbeth’s power expands alongside his physical illness

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