Evolution and Fossil Fuels

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Evolution and Fossil Fuels Abstract In this research paper, I have discussed the theory of evolution. I have also mentioned some misconceptions regarding the evolution and have tried to give argument against those. Secondly, I have discussed the fossils and their formation along with the significance of fossil records. The modern science considers "evolution" as one of the basic original concepts regarding life (Pojeta & Springer, 2001). The potent theory of evolution provides explanation of observable facts like "the history of life preserved in the fossil record; the genetic, molecular, and physical similarities and differences among organisms; and the geographic distribution of organisms today and in the past" (Pojeta & Springer, 2001).Without a doubt, evolution provides a structure to the establishment of new biological and paleontological trends. A number of scientific disciplines have verified the theory of evolution. In addition to its significance to modern science, the common man considers evolution as one of the most misapprehended and divisive issues. Such a state of affairs is regrettable as it is pointless to make this principal scientific concept controversial (Pojeta & Springer, 2001). According to the evolution concept, it is believed that the living flora and fauna have been developed by a procedure of continuing, uninterrupted transformation from earlier forms that existed in the past. The theory of evolution that supports the idea of organic
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