Evolution in Flowers For Algernon by Daniel Keys Essay examples

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Evolution is great phenomenon as long as one does not end up back to where they start from. Sometimes even ending up back at square one can offer the individual a lot to learn from. In the novel, Flowers for Algernon by Daniel Keyes, the protagonist Charlie Gordon undergoes an experiment to increase his IQ. It is illustrated that Charlie becomes a whole, complete individual only after becoming mentally retarded again by the end of the novel. Charlie develops and learns a lot throughout his journey. He matures as he grows in his intellectual capacity, and he gets an opportunity to learn valuable life lesson; and realizes that he is better off being mentally retarded rather than being a genius.
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Mr. Donner says he will save labour cost and increase profit."(Keyes 59). This illustrates Charlie's rapid advancement in intelligence. Charlie shows enormous improvement in his intelligence throughout the novel. This helps to mature him by increasing his understanding of the bigger truths in life. Near the end, Charlie’s mental condition deteriorates as he starts to go back to his mentally retarded self, but be he still keeps most of his intelligences, which contributes to make him a complete and wholesome person.
Secondly, Charlie learns important life lesson throughout his journey. He learns an important lesson from his nurse (Hilda). Before the operation, Hilda tells Charlie about Nemur and Straus tampering with something they should not. Charlie says, "She (Hilda) says mabey I better prey to god to ask him to forgive what they done to me…And now Im skared. Mabey I shoudnt of let them oparate on my branes like she said if its agenst god. I don’t want to make god angrey."(Keyes 16). This shows that Charlie understands that by performing the operation he is going against god, and that it is wrong to go against god. Charlie then learns significant life lessons about the how unkind people are. Throughout the novel it is visible that people are unkind to Charlie. After being promoted to working the dough-mixer, Joe and Frank invite Charlie to a party. At the party, they keep tripping him and laughing at him. Charlie

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