Example Of Periodic Sentence In Snowflakes By Henry Longfellow

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13. Example of Periodic Sentence: “Over the woodlands brown and bare/ Over the harvest-fields forsaken/ Silent and soft, and slow/ Descends the snow” (Longfellow 3-6). In this periodic sentence in Henry Longfellow’s “Snowflakes,” the sentence is left as an incomplete fragment until the last line. The snow falling is emphasized and the setting is left to be inferred with his long descriptions. This is effective because it allows the focus to be put on the setting initially, with suspense slowly building until the final statement. 14. My Own Metaphor: Feelings are a war zone - they go from action to stillness in the matter of minutes. Metaphors are designed to compare two different things and give familiarity to an otherwise complex subject. In this metaphor, the broad topic of feelings is simplified to emphasize the ever-changing nature of them. The comparison to a war zone, a known scene, leads to an inference that feelings are as unpredictable as the battlefield. 15. My Own Antithesis: The life of a human looking for good weather is difficult - the cold days make him wish for heat, and the hot days make him wish for the chilly breezes of the cold. The purpose of the antithesis is to reveal a point while contrasting two opposing qualities. In this antithesis, the irony of the human desire is suggested by offering two common positions that people normally take in their daily lives. In addition, the antithesis allows readers to infer that people are generally dissatisfied

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