Example Of Zero Tolerance

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A zero- tolerance policy exists in almost every organization. Corporations, government agencies, and universities are or have adopted the policy. “The policy is considered to be a practical tool for combating problems and also viewed as a political tool” (Curwin & Mendler, 1999). Zero tolerance means different things to different people. The can be two companies with the same policy; however deal with the problem in radically different ways. Zero tolerance is a concept that sounds straightforward and simple, but can be complex (1999).
Creating a Policy
Creating a zero- tolerance policy sounds simple enough. One would conclude that a written statement including s few sentences stating that the organization will not tolerate drugs, harassment, violence and/or fraud (Miller & Weckert, 2000). The written statement would then be posted on bulletin boards or online. Beyond the basic statement includes policies, legal issues, perceptions, and cultural factors (2013). Creating the policy is the easy part; however managing problems when they occur is the challenge (2013). Often, policies backfire because they’re not properly crafted or haven’t been thought through all the way.
Zero tolerance means different things to different people. “A first offense might warrant termination, while at another it might elicit a warning” (2013). So the question is, where does a company begin and what kind of expertise is required to create a fair and legal solution. First, it requires a major

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