Examples Of Betrayal In 'The Kite Runner'

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The kite runner features many examples of betrayal, be that choosing to betray, or choosing not to betray. A lot of characters in this novel have to make tough decisions based on do they want to betray someone, or not. there are also different ways to betray someone, many of which we see in this work of realistic fiction. some of the most important examples of betrayal are Amir's actions, and inactions, towards Hassan, and the secret that Baba has kept hidden, and Assef with his betrayals to Iran as well as earlier on, his mother. on the other hand, is Hassan who had opportunities to betray Amir, and did not. Amir is an unpopular character for many reasons, but he is most disliked for his actions in regards to Hassan, the innocent cinnamon roll that he is. the two main things he does to betray Hassan are when he does not stand up and protect Hassan against Assef's sexual assault, and false accusations against Hassan for theft. the sexual assault, which takes place at the end of chapter seven, was even more heartbreaking because amir, who had been there hiding for most of the confrontation contemplating what was more important, saving Hassan from the sadistic hands of Assef and possibly losing the kite, or doing nothing and getting the kite, but letting Assef hurt Hassan. Amir, unfortunately, chose to betray Hassan and leave him in the clutches of Assef, rationalizing that the kite will make his father even prouder of him, and therefore earning his 'love.' After this, Amir

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