Examples Of Conflict In Fences

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“Fences Essay” “Blue laid down and died like a man now he's treeing possums in the Promised Land I'm gonna tell you this to let you know Blue's gone where the good dogs go”(II.v.99)(An interpretation of Troy). August Wilson’s Fences is a literary rollercoaster of tension, relationships, and choices gone wrong. Wilson uses characterization, symbolism, and conflict to build tension between the characters in the text. The way August Wilson takes the simplest of words and ideas and puts them forth into elaborate, deep characters is truly awe-inspiring. Troy Maxson is built out of anger, stubbornness, fear, love, and passion and forms a “Tragic Hero”. Troy’s personality and character clashes constantly with his son Cory Maxson who is a gentle, hardworking, sweet soul. Their conflict starts out with Cory’s desire to play football in the major leagues after being selected for a football scholarship. Troy had a past in major league baseball “I was hitting .432 with thirty-seven home runs! Man batting .269 and playing right field for the Yankees!”(I.i.9) but couldn't get anywhere because of racism, and is dead set on not letting Cory play sports and would rather him work in industry. Cory accuses Troy of being jealous of his talent and Troy constantly dismisses it claiming “The white man ain't gonna let you get nowhere with that football" (I.i.8) as if it’s segregation and his love is holding him back. Cory is not the only point of conflict in the play, there is also the fact that
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