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The novel Private Peaceful by Michael Morpurgo is a narrative about a young boy, Thomas ‘Tommo’ Peaceful, and his family navigating through life and poverty in the countryside of England before and during World War I. They face many hardships along the course of the book, including dealing with death and discrimination. Prejudice is primarily done unto them by those with a considerable amount of privilege and power, due to the rigid social structures and dominant institutions of the time, such as the class system and the army. These people treat the Peaceful family poorly, thus causing struggle. Private Peaceful is a story of injustice that is rife with cruelty and corruption due to the overbearing power certain individuals had.
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For the Colonel, she only praised him and didn’t tolerate anyone speaking ill of him. She even refers to him as “[her] friend, the Colonel”. Compared to the way she treats the Peaceful family, she treats these people quite well, thus showing her bias. By acting the way she does, Grandma Wolf demonstrates how injustice is done unto the Peacefuls, by trying to control their lives and insulting them every moment she can. This just proves how upper class citizens and how the whole construct of the class system leads to injustice and disrespect.
Authority figures that exist in the book are demanding, extremely inconsiderate and cause an extraordinary amount of pain for those they lead. Due to the power they have over others, they exert their dominance repeatedly and do not care about the wellbeing of anyone else. Sergeant “Horrible” Hanley is a prime example of this. As the leader of Charlie and Tommo’s battalion, he punished them for the most miniscule things and was incredibly cruel. Once, Charlie spoke his mind out to Hanley and he retaliated by putting him through “Field Punishment Number One”, which was Charlie getting lashed to a gun wheel. Although Charlie didn’t necessarily respect him, he didn’t deserve such a harsh punishment. Later on, there is a gas attack and many men perish. However, Sergeant Hanley sees the soldiers attempting to evade the gas attack as cowardice and that they had

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