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Didactic Theory of Art (The opponents and supporters of the Didactic theory)

Criticism "is to expressing disapproval, or a literary analysis of something by taking a full detailed look at the pros and cons and features. Fundamentally, Literary criticism is the evaluation, analysis, or interpretation of literary art." (Copyright © 2015 by LoveToKnow Corp). literary criticism also resort to give a obviously understanding about the origin of poetry if it's extracted from the poem or from external origin and usually it detect the purpose of a poet .
Art and poetry is of
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However, this had changed when the theory experience a major development during the Renaissance the period of change after over thousand year of the dark age.

Philip Sidney was a well-known English critic who supported the theory and defense Art and poetry. In 1595, Sidney wrote a long essay called "Defense of poesy" in response to Stephan Gosson's article "The school of abuse" in which Gosson attack literature for being immoral.

Sidney wrote " Since, then, poetry is of all human learnings the most ancient and of most fatherly antiquity, as from whence other learnings have taken their beginnings, since it is so universal that no learned nation doth despise it, nor barbarous nation is without it; since both Roman and Greek gave divine names unto it, the one of “prophesying,” the other of “making,” and that indeed that name of “making” is fit for him, considering that whereas other arts retain themselves within their subjects, and receive, as it were, their being from it, the poet only brings his own stuff, and doth not learn a conceit out of a matter, but makes matter for a conceit; since neither his description nor his end contains any evil, the thing described cannot be evil; since his effects be so good as to teach goodness, and delight the learners of it; since therein—namely in moral doctrine, the chief of all knowledges—he doth not only far pass
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