Examples Of Direct Characterization In Lamb To The Slaughter

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In the short story “Lamb to the Slaughter,” written by Roald Dahl, Dahl uses direct and indirect characterization to give us both realistic and improbable portrayals of characters, In addition to showing us the values and perspective of the characters. In this short story the author states, “This was her sixth month expecting a child.” (Dahl, 1). Direct characterization is when the author directly provides information on the personality or background on the character instead of indirectly revealing it through actions and speech. This quote obviously utilizes direct characterization by describing background information on Mary Maloney. Additionally, the fact that it was her sixth month expecting a child is direct characterization because we did not have to assume it through actions and speech, the author directly mentioned it in the first page. Not only does Dahl use direct characterization, but also indirect characterization. In the story the author states, “It’s probably right under our noses. What do you think Jack? And in the other room Mary Maloney began to laugh.” (Dahl 4). Indirect characterization is when the author reveals background and the personality of the character through thoughts and actions. In like manner, so does this quote. In this quote the author reveals the personality of Mary Maloney through her speech instead of directly giving us information. In this quote, Mary Maloney laughs at the death of her husband and we can assume that she is a cruel
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