Examples Of Fashion In The Great Gatsby

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Gatsby in Fashion
The fashion industry is rapidly growing and constantly generating new fashion trends almost weekly. Fashion for some may seem ridiculous and unnecessary; but fashion is not just a meaningless usage of article of clothing or farcical materials sew together for coverage. There is more to fashion than meets the eyes, fashion is precious and significant. It is a reflection of self-image, it speak the ream about who we are and how we review ourselves. Not only is fashion the reflection of self-image but also the reflection of our history as Coco Channel have said, “Fashion is not something that exist in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.” Fashion
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The fashion in The Great Gatsby demonstrates the excessiveness and the characteristics of the roaring twenties and how it defines Gatsby.
Due to the disillusionment of the First World War and the rapid increase in the economy, Americans decide to ignore their problems and proceed to pursuit for pleasure in the moment with consumer goods. New fashion trends are in town for both the upper class and the middle class, and with their new lifestyle and values staying in fashion is a must. As mention above, fashion is not just a form of clothing, but it is the way of life; therefore, houses, furniture and cars also fits into the fashion category. The prosperity and elegance in the sense of fashion in The Great Gatsby reflect that people really do have an speculated amount of money to spare, pondering about their choice in purchase are no longer necessary. Being the “old rich,” the taste and the sense of fashion for the Buchanan is exceptionally important. For instance, Tom when ridiculously excessive in throwing the wedding and gifting his Daisy with expensive, it was not necessary; however, it was for the enjoyment of himself and in a way to boast about his wealth and taste. Moreover, Tom is incredibly proud of his own home, throwing “lavish”
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