Examples Of Fear In East Of Eden

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In the novel East of Eden many examples show just how powerful fear can be if used for selfish gain or as a defence mechanism. Fear being one of the biggest overtones (if not the biggest) allows us to see how huge an influence fear can be in a person's life, as with Cathy the main antagonist who lives to hold the fear of her blackmailing someone and men’s sexual desires over their heads to attain whatever her twisted desires are. Cathy the embodiment of evil in the novel, who lives by fear is found consistently using it to her advantage to apprehend whatever her black corrupted heart desires from the unsuspecting people around her. Often times she would blackmail men and uses sex as her weapon of destruction, her blackmailing these men often led to them committing suicide due to the impending stress that she implements in their lives, in the beginning of the novel Cathy preys on her lust driven teacher and eventually drives him to suicide and lures school boys into a barn where her mother finds her tied up with her skirt …show more content…

Aron Trask who is a extremely fragile and sensitive man was utterly destroyed and killed by his mother when he met his mother for the first time and discovered the whole truth of who his mother was, as he was formerly told by his father Adam and his brother Cal that she was dead. Even before he knew the truth Aron was so fearful of the truth concerning who his mother was so much so that whenever his brother or anyone else that knew the truth of who his mother really was he would consciously avoid the question because he was scared that his father was lying to him. Because of this fear he joined the army and abandoned the love of his life, his family and he life in the ministry and as a result of him joining the army he was

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