Examples Of Foreshadowing In The Book Thief

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Many authors have written novels about to the Holocaust. Markus Zusak is no exception. However, his novel The Book Thief gives a different perspective on World War II. Rather than telling the story of a survivor or a victim, he tells the story from a German citizens point of view. Zusak tells the German point of view from the point of view of Death. In his Holocaust novel The Book Thief, Markus Zusak uses descriptive language to instill urgency and images in the reader’s head. Throughout the novel, Zusak uses flash forward and foreshadowing to fill the reader with a sense of urgency about the events to come. Often throughout the story, Zusak gives us hints and details about events that will eventually come to pass. One such instance where Zusak does this is in part five, where Death is foreshadowing Rudy, Liesel’s best friend, jumping into the Amper river to retrieve a book for her. Death comments that “[Rudy] didn’t deserve to die the way he did” (Zusak, 241). Saying such a thing implies that this is coming soon. This gives the reader the idea that the events are coming quicker than they may think. A common factor that Zusak writes is foreshadowing an event soon to come. However, the foreshadowing of Rudy’s death is a slight exception because when Death speaks of it, the actual event does not come to pass for several years story-wise and several parts book-wise. Another example of Zusak presenting the reader with knowledge about events yet to pass is in part ten when he is
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