Examples Of Formal Education In To Kill A Mockingbird

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1. What has Scout’s experience of formal education (school) been like?
Formal education for Scout hasn’t been very positive. She was excited for her first day, but never wanted to go back afterwards, especially because she was yelled at for knowing how to read. Since she was ahead of her peers, Scout found school quite boring, and preferred her more informal education at home. 2. Provide 2 examples of how she has been “educated” outside the classroom. Two examples of how Scout was educated outside of the classroom are how Atticus taught her how to read and Calpurnia taught her how to write.

3. In chapter 8 how was Jem “perpetrated a near libel” in the front yard? When Maycomb has snow for the first time in a long time, Jem and Scout decide to build a snowman, but since there isn’t much snow, their creation looks much more like a “mud man.” They decide that Mr.Avery looks sort of like a snowman, and model their snowman to look almost exactly like him. When Atticus comes home he immediately notices the resemblance and says that, “You’ve perpetrated a near libel in the front yard.”

4. Describe Miss Maudie (chapter 8). Miss Maudie is nice, kind to the children, and doesn’t judge people. When her house burns down she is happy because she was planning on getting a smaller house anyway.

5. Who is Aunt Alexandra, and how does Scout describe her? Aunt Alexandra is Atticus’ sister and Jem and Scout’s aunt, who Scout describes as very rude and mean.

6. In chapter 9, find

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