Examples Of Individuality In The Chocolate War

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The positives of being an individual are more present in the media, but the negatives are normally overlooked . In the novel named The Chocolate War by Robert Cormier the main character Jerry has to deal with reality that it's not so easy to go against the grain .The novel does an excellent job highlighting how his individuality affects his social , personal life, and societal pressures and bullying . The first thing The Chocolate War highlights are the effects individuality has on the protagonist Jerry Renault throughout the story. After Jerry decides to not sell chocolates there seems to be a ripple effect of other students viewing him as a hero with kids slapping him on the butt and in the school that was a sign of respect. Then the chocolates become popular the whole thing backfires with the whole student body railing against him in hatred and disgust. “You think you’re better than we are?”(205 page Cormier) was used by a fellow student calling Jerry out in front of the class started a kind of fire with as spark and lit the kindling of disdain they had for him. By making his decision to be an individual the result is that it makes it hard to make any allies within the school with everyone falling to conformity. Jerry had been harassed and attacked from all angles of …show more content…

It brought us the Civil Right Movement to help black people get their rights and help destroy some of the cultural divides in America causing overall equal treatment . So individuality maybe seem hard and impossible, but people have done great things with it. In conscience in the novel The Chocolate War by Robert Cormier showcases a story about a Jerry and showcases some of the negative of individuality with how it affects his personal,social life and the social expectations and pressures he

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