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LOGIC 1-800-273-8255
Interview Transcript

Mark Kielnhofer

Sir Robert Bryson Hall II (Logic)
Andy Hines (Director)

Beverly Hills, California, U.S (Residence of Logic)

Friday, November 17 2017

Kielnhofer: Logic, could you explain to me about 1800?

Logic: I wrote the song from the perspective of someone who is calling the national suicide prevention hotline because they want to commit suicide, They want to end their life. I was on tour in Los Angeles, California. I travelled everywhere and met some fans, showed them the album I was about to release later this year. At the end of the day some of the fans said things to me like “Your music saved my life”. And I was like “Aw so nice of you” but then it hit me I was worried for them because I didn’t mean to save anyone's life. Due to that incident that is the reason why I made this song so people could listen knowing everything will be alright.

Kielnhofer: Mr. Hines, could you tell me what made you decide to directed 1800 about a gay person or LGBT community?

Andy Hines: When Logic created this song, his whole album was about “everybody” hence the reason he named the album “Everybody”. When I directed the video I had to ask myself, who are some of the people
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