Examples Of Magical Realism In The Third Bank Of The River

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Magical realism is a type of writing where two views of reality come together. There are numerous of ways magical realism is expressed in Latin American writing. A very common one amongst stories is open-ended conclusion in which we the readers just have to accept it. Usually magical realism is used as a metaphor for something more meaningful. One story that conveys a lot of magical realism is The Third Bank of The River by João Guimarães Rosa. The story is about the narrator's dad who was quite the quiet man, who one day bought a boat fit for one. He entered the river and never spoke a word to another soul again. The son is the only one who stays at the house in case of the father's return. He leaves food out for him so that he will survive, until one day he makes an offer to his father, and ends up fleeing in terror.
In The Third Bank of The River, there are quite a few times where the reader just has to accept what is occurring because the narrator does. For instance, the dad isolates himself on the river for years upon years to the point where when the narrator is the age of his dad when he left the dad is still on the river. As it states in the story, “My hair was beginning to turn grey...He must have been suffering terribly. He was so old,” (102). That shows that his son was extremely old and for his dad to still be alive would be preposterous. Instances like that is magical realism in the form of time distortion. In reality the dad wouldn’t still be alive at that

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