Examples Of Prejudices In A Time To Be Happy By Nayantara Sahgal

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On the one hand, she is profoundly aware of the perils of democracy, on the other, she fully realizes the dangers that lie before the individual in quest of self fulfillment. They are orthodox society, conventional morality, fears and superstitions, prejudices and the privileges of the privileged ones and inequality before law and so on. Most individuals in the novels of Nayantara Sahgal suffer because of social prejudices, prejudicial conventions, superstitions and baseless fears. Mira in This Time of Morning cannot understand why her daughter should even think of divorce. Because of her orthodox attitudes she makes herself as well as her daughter suffer. Mona in Rich Like Us and Prabha in A Time To Be Happy are not happy in their marriage but they lack courage to Madhu in A Situation in New Delhi commits suicide because she carries the stigma of rape for no fault of hers. There is a deep social and religious prejudice against divorce Simirt in The Day in Shadow is a divorces and has to work against odds in quest of her identity which is usually denied to women in our society. Bhushan Singh in Mistaken Identity cannot marry Razia, the girl he is in love with, because of deep religious prejudices. A Hindu Muslim inter- marriage in this country is likely to raise communal tensions to a feverish pitch. Religious prejudices and superstitions can inhibit the freedom of an individual in other interpretation induces many people to be passive. A person suffers for the past action

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