Examples Of Reality In A Streetcar Named Desire

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When Blanche and Stanley began to quarrel, various false shadows began to appear on the wall behind her. Odd noises and jungle cries also occurred as Blanche began to convert into madness. All of these effects combined to affect Blanche’s final breakdown and departure from reality in the face of Stanley’s physical threat. When she lost her sanity in her final struggle against Stanley, Blanche went back entirely into her own world. Whereas she originally coloured her perception of reality according to her wishes, at this point in the play she ignored reality altogether.

Chapter 5
Williams play A Streetcar Named Desire express Blanche Dubois’ dilemma of trying living a fanciful life in the real world by contrasting her character with Stanley Kowalski and other elements of the real world, demonstrating at fantasy and reality can never coexist. Stanley’s ever-flowing harsh language towards Blanche that his character is the more grounded, realistic individual by detailing his destruction of Blanche’s fantasy world with each rude remark. Earlier in the piece, Stanley’s remarks were more sceptical than offensive as he questioned her mysterious background, such as an accusation made when rooting through Blanche’s trunk, “ Here’s our plantation, or what was left of it, here!” but as the plot moved …show more content…

We have only one set for the entire play – the crowded apartment with transparent walls we had access to the street outside as well as the two rooms and bath. Underscored was the cramped claustrophobia that entered the apartment with Blanche and the heightened emotions of the bunker as Blanche's hide-out extends longer and longer. The outside world regularly penetrated the apartment, with visits from Mitch and Eunice and the occasional poker night. But penetrations intensity of light forced Blanche to went back deeper and deeper into her fantasy, hiding from the encroaching walls of the

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