Examples Of Sameness In The Giver

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In The Giver, by Lois Lowry, main character Jonas is assigned to be the receiver of memory in a utopian world with no weather, pain, color, feeling, or choice. As the receiver of memory, Jonas has to take in all of the pain and beauty that once lived in the world before “Sameness” is introduced, such as cold, war, and even christmas memories. When child Gabriel is in danger of death due to lack of growth, Jonas decides to run away with the child. Jonas and his teacher, also known as the previous receiver of memory or the Giver organize a plan for Jonas’s escape over the sameness border, carrying Gabe along the way, and setting free all memories back to the community, destroying sameness.
In The Giver, Jonas starts off as an eleven year old. Once he turns twelve, he is selected to become the new Receiver, an assignment only given every ten years. He is given a new set of rules, much different than the rest of the community. Two of those rules that go far beyond that of the normal rules, is that he is not allowed to take the pain medication, but he has to endure his own pain. He is also given the option to lie, which is forbidden in the community. He is not allowed to tell any of his learning and rules (Lowry, 68). He must take self responsibility to handle his own learning. He is not allowed to rely on others for his learning, as he is the only one in his situation. He must go through his learning experience by himself, with absolutely no aid from the rest of the community.

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