Examples Of Similes In Maya Angela

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Maya Angelo uses poetic devices such as similes, metaphors and repetition to show her audience about how she has overcome adversity in her life through demonstrating a strong, confidence and defiant attitude to inspire others to keep their head up not just for blacks after the time period of the civil rights movement but a message to all that you “rise” despite the situation you are stuck in.
Maya Angelo uses similes as a foundation to assure her audience understands the message she is trying to get across, she uses several examples such as in the first stanza “you may tread me in the very dirt but still, like dust, I’ll rise.” Meaning you can step on her like she nothing but she will get back up and show you otherwise. Also in the second stanza …show more content…

The metaphors used in this poem are vivid, and relatable. We have all felt the shot of fiendish words, the murderous of harsh looks from others, and the feeling of being completely ripped apart, by the hate that people aim at us at least once in our lives, this example she gives us show the pain she been through emotionally by comparing it to a physical pain that you can relate to or imagine …show more content…

Maya used the word “rise” at the end of stanza 1,2 & 3 to tell us despite all odds she will rise to the top to making a transition to using “rise after every line from 16-18 where Maya states” leaving behind nights of terror and fear, ill rise, into a daybreak that’s wondrously clear, I rise” where you can see she is determine and trying to get to the top. The use of repetition is further exemplified when the poet repeats the words ‘I rise’ 5 times in the last stanza. This puts an emphasis on the message of the poem, reminding the reader of what her goal was, trying to express at the beginning of the poem, when she first compared herself to dust saying, “you may tread me in the very dirt bust still, like dust ill rise” where if you step in dirt or kick it, dust will go up into the air. Maya uses the word rise in three different ways through the poem, still I rise, ill rise and I rise to show her progressed on what she trying to achieve, An she show it by her strong attitude by first stating “still I rise” letting her audience know she will keep getting up no matter what, to changing over to “I’ll rise letting it known there no falling again it her time to shine to the transition of “I rise” which show her taking action and achieving her goal, in lines 38 she said “leaving behind nights of terror and fear” and in lines 40-43 “I rise, I rise, I rise”

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