Examples Of The Uncanny Of Hamlet

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The Uncanny of Hamlet The word uncanniness comes from a German word ‘unheimlich,’ which means unfamiliar, mysterious, and uncomfortable. The opposite of the word, ‘unheimlich,’ is the German antonym, ‘heimlich,’ which means something feels more homely and familiar. The first encounter towards the feeling of the uncanniness in Shakespeare's Hamlet, when the ghost of the King calls upon Hamlet to avenge his death. The King’s presence is what leads Hamlet’s uncanniness in the play due his father calling him to seek revenge towards his uncle. The first experience of the King’s ghost is on act one scene four when Hamlet first encounter’s the King’s ghost for the first time. Hamlet makes a statement that he is cold in the night which led to Horatio agreeing with him. This gives off a hint that that there is something eerie that is lurking around at night. Once the King’s ghost reveals himself to Hamlet, that gave the Hamlet and the other two, Horatio and Marcellus a fright. What is also added is the moonlight that shines upon the ghost, that gives it a more uncomfortable aura in the air. In one part of the play, Hamlet says, “With thoughts beyond the reaches of our souls?/ Say why is this? Wherefore? What should we do?” Hamlet seems to be confused and terrified why that the ghost of his father appeared in front of him and to the other people (I.IV.53). Not only that the ghost appears out of nowhere, the feeling of uneaisess appears towards Hamlet as the ghost of his father

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