Executing David Clayton Hill: You Wouldn’t Do a Dog This Way by Elizabeth Weill-Greenberg

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Elizabeth Weill- Greenberg in the essay, “Executing David Clayton Hill: You Wouldn’t Do a Dog This Way” published on March 16, 2004 in counterpunch.org argues that the Lethal injection is an inhumane way to die. Greenberg supports her arguments by explaining that people can feel everything while they are dying, because the injection just paralyzed your body. The author’s purpose is to persuade the reader to write the governor and ask for a stay in execution of David Clayton in order to stop this inhumane lethal injection. Greenberg audience is South Caroline, and she writes in an informative tone. The essay is composed in Fifteen Paragraphs organized in four sections.
In Section one, paragraph one and two explain the basic information of the lethal injection. It lets us know the thesis, and why she is not supporting this way to die. The author’s techniques in this short section are more like informative, because she is just giving basic information about what she is going to explain. Overall, this section does what it is supposed to do, but I think it needs more information, because not everybody knows about David Clayton. However, the topic sentence caught my attention, and makes me want to read more about this essay.
In Section two, paragraph three through five, the author starts explaining the phases that our body passed thought the injection. Supposedly, thought the execution, the injection should paralyze the body and the persons would not feel anything. But the author…