Executive Summary. Introduction. The Aim/Mission Of This

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Executive Summary Introduction The aim/mission of this project was to design and create a 4-course menu that follows a French theme and showcases modern techniques keeping in mind all the current trends. With a vision to deliver an extraordinary dining experience to the invited guests and also offers a great visual, sensory and perceptive dining experience. We were able to deliver a quality dining experience with core values that included a great teamwork, Dedication, discipline, creativity and perseverance and all this reflects a culture of enthusiasm, open-mindedness and flexibility, and reflected in our all-encompassing final product. The strategy making is an ongoing process which consists of 5 interrelated stages: i. Developing…show more content…
These actions include: 1. Staffing the organization with the people who are capable enough to execute the strategy. 2. Designing the organizational capacities that are required for the successful execution of the strategy. 3. To employ a strategy-supportive company structure. 4. Allocate sufficient facilities to the strategy execution effort. 5. Have policies and procedures that facilitate the strategic execution. 6. Adopt policies and processes that drive continuous improvement. 7. Install operating procedures and information system that support strategic execution activities. 8. Institute an incentive/reward based system to the achievement of financial and strategic targets. 9. Instill a culture that promotes a good strategy execution. 10. Practice strong leadership to motivate employees and to propel the strategic systems. (Arthur A. Thompson, Peteraf, Gambel, & Strickland, 2016, pp. 288-90) Based on all these factors, I believe that we had all these procedures in place that actually motivated every one of us to create a menu and deliver successfully. If I had to call this event style a name, to me it is closest to a pop-up sort of a set up where we are creating things for a short term and for a limited consumer base. Therefore, Understanding and improving the operations, culture for operating excellence we used the six sigma tools to benefit and improve operations. 1. Listing and

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