Existence Through Our Senses : Hegel 's Theory Of Life

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Existence Through Our Senses
Hegel’s argued that the creation of life is based on phenomenology and that the nature of life is based on our senses. He argues that it is more than just phenomena, it 's complex phenomena.Without the mind, we would not have existed in the world and without knowledge we would not be able to survive. Our body communicates with our mind and without our mind we would not be able to function , we would not be able to survive without knowledge either because without any knowledge we wouldn’t be able to take care of bodies medically or even naturally. It is natural to gain knowledge on seeking our senses.Our senses give us the power of knowledge and always lead us to create and produce different …show more content…

Overlooking one thing help us conduct another, our thoughts Existence precedes essence . Without the creation of life and our minds, we cannot conduct any information or precede life itself. If we would never perceive anything we would not have the thought of it. Going back to the Heger’s theory of phenology on the other hand, Hume has a different aspect upon the theory of existence.He argues that there is a cause for everything that we do and in which everything has a cause also has an effect. In which if there was a causality for every situation then everything that is being done has already been done. In which is not true besides throughout experience , causality is demonstrated throughout experience. With experience we have the sense of what is going to happen and how to react.That there is always something that has to have a cause for letting it proceed the existence itself. In existence, he argues that the ontological argument is based upon our thoughts and when we think about something that it has to have an existence already. That our thoughts are unoriginal and does not have meaning because it was already a thought. In order to be created we have to exist and with existence, it has to be created finite. He also revealed that our mind limits itself because of the reasoning of life , existence is natural and the natural state of mind conducts that the power belongs to you .We truly don’t know how existence is truly created ,Hume displays that existence has a

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