Existential Therapy Vs Person Centered Therapy

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Existential Therapy Vs Person Centered Therapy
Annotated Bibliography
Tara Nicole Hill
Salem College

Vos, J., Craig, M., & Cooper, M. (2015). Existential therapies: A meta-analysis of their effects on psychological outcomes. Journal Of Consulting And Clinical Psychology, 83(1), 115-128. doi:10.1037/a0037167
Questions about human existence concerns can lead to anxiety, and crises that need attention. That is where existential therapy is introduced.
Existential therapies are interventions that address concerning questions about existence and because of the therapy the psychopathology can either be decreased or prevented.
Existential therapies are typically defined as psychological therapy interventions that are informed by existential philosophers.
Underlying Assumptions:
1) People have a need for meaning and purpose
2) People have a need for freedom and choice, they are most effective when they are responsible for their own lives.
3) People will face choices, challenges, and limitations and are most effective when they deal with it.
4) Individual experiences -- positive and negative is important for psychotherapy.
5) People's experiences is interrelated with other people and the world.
Views of Human Development:
1) Dasinsanalysis: provides the patients with a permissive relationship so that they can freely express oneself and become more open with the world.
2) British school of existential therapy: where clients explore their experiences.
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