Argumentative Essay On After Courts

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Curtis C. Dix Jr.
Prof. George Ackerman
February 19, 2012

There are many things that have been and will be discussed regarding our justice system and the justice system of other countries. Differently there are varying types of courts all throughout these other countries as well. Similarly, all countries have criminal sanctions, sentencing practices, types’ of punishment, imprisonment, and death penalties. The question I present is what about all those whom have been wrongfully convicted, sentenced and then later on exonerated based upon DNA or whatever evidence available? What about the various countries whom have taken the act in an …show more content…

On the other side of this, the same DNA testing has set a lot of people free out of prison or jail. In all situations, those exonerated want to maintain their innocence and can do so with the assistance of attorneys and/or with organizations advocating for them through countless appeals. The process of exonerating someone can be long and tedious. When there is new evidence discovered it must be presented as a motion to dismiss the indictment or for a new trial. (NCJRS, 1996) If it was not for DNA profiling, these injustices would have never been corrected. For those who are indigent and cannot afford attorneys, the pathway to be exonerated can very difficult. The best enforcement to have in a case seeking exoneration is DNA evidence while other times, many years later, an actual eyewitness will come forward and testify on the defendant’s behalf. The problem here though is when cases such as these were based on eyewitness account at the time of their arrest those witnesses were not considered credible to begin with. (Smith, 2011) The vital part of any case is the preservation of the evidence because without it, the case does not have any grounds. The unfortunate thing about most of these cases was largely due to the defense team that was representing them at the time. If the individual finally wins their freedom, the challenges are far more consuming then they have ever known. Most of these individuals are released with only their initial possessions

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