Essay Experiment on Reactions to Breaking Social Norms

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In order for you to continue to stay accepted in the current social society you live in today you must follow a certain set of social norms throughout your life, most of the time you do without even realizing it. As well as be followed social norms are broken everyday all around you on all sorts of different levels some harmless and some more serious and punishable such as stealing. Since I have moved out to Santa Barbara and have been experiencing life here now in school and outside of class I have really come to love the beautiful scenic and friendly feel that is given off here with the excessive palm trees on the streets filled with young eager students adjusting to the new college feel and experience finally living away from home on …show more content…

I figured the common question I would immediate be asked after approaching someone in front of a store asking for money would be “what is the money needed for?”. I decided to come up with an excuse telling the person I was short for some food and was looking for a nite to eat. I figured this was an appropriate exuse to be loitering in front of a store and expected to be offered a few dollars if not a meal. I set out to try and break the social norm down the street at the local supermarket in the college town Isle Vista where I live. I knew the majority of the individuals I would approach would be younger students and was curious if I was going to get help from someone generally same age as me. I decided it would be better if I tried it out early morning and late night in the same locations to see how the social groups would change with the time of day. My first attempt around 10:00am on a friday I began approaching everyone I could that had left the store shopping to ask for change or something that helps and was not surprisingly ignored by almost every male I tried to encounter most of the time walking by not even being acknowledged. I was politely denied by almost every girl except on girl from the University who offered me a dollar. I denied her money after explaining my purpose for asking people and decided to try again later that night

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