Experimentals: A Narrative Fiction Essay

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Excruciating pain, dead silence, and overwhelming darkness was how my nightmare began. Unfortunately for me, it wasn't just a cruel, sick dream. It was one hundred percent real... I held back a soft groan, letting my eyes drift open a crack so I could get at least a fuzzy view of my surroundings. I couldn't make out much, but I didn't recognize anything that I saw. "Is he dead?" I heard a female voice ask. "Obviously not. I can tell that he's still breathing, and his eyes are even open some." I quickly shut my eyes, panic rising in me at hearing yet another voice. A soft chuckle came from about a foot away from me. "Calm down, we aren't going to hurt you," the male voice said. I slowly opened my eyes, blinking at the two people …show more content…

I gulped softly, once again feeling very self-conscious. The boy, er... Jeremie was staring off into space now. With a shudder he shook his head and clear his throat. He looked back at me. "Anyways, Drew, how are you feeling?" I paused before shrugged. "I'm a-all right... I guess." Jeremie nodded. "Good, good." He looked at Roxanne. "So, should we show him where he'll be staying?" "You can. I have to go." With that, she got up. I watched as she walked through a doorway and to a hallway that was too dark for me to see anything in it. Jeremie rolled his eyes and looked at me once again. "Come on, then." He got up and offered a hand to help me up. I pushed myself up without using my hand, not looking at him. I didn't want to seem rude, I just still wasn't sure if I should trust him. He seemed nice enough, but don't most villains seem kind at first before their true colors really show? "I know how strange everything is here, Drew. You know, you may be stuck here now, but don't worry, I'm sure you'll get out of here soon." Jeremie started walking and I hesitantly followed him, glancing around nervously. After a bit of walking down the hallway I saw Roxanne go down earlier, we got to a door. Jeremie stopped walking and opened it and turned around. "After you," he said, gesturing for me to go in. I just stared at him, not wanting to go in a strange room. One that he could trap me in. After a few seconds, Jeremie sighed. He headed

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