Experts In The Legal Field Can Have Biases That Influence

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Experts in the legal field can have biases that influence decision making. These biases can be controlled for by training. In other words, I am interested in the kinds of biases legal experts can have and the effects of training on mitigating those biases. The importance of mitigating biases is to allow for objectivity in decision making so correct decisions are made. Both of these articles together, highlight the importance of experts in relation to cases of homicide. Flynn, Gask, Appleby and Shaw (2016) in their paper address the relationship between mental disorder and homicide-suicide. Homicide-suicide, in this case, refers to people who commit homicide and within a 3-day window. Fahsing and Ask (2016) in their paper look at the…show more content…
Fahsing and Ask (2016) in their paper look into the differences between English and Norwegian detectives in terms of their investigative decisions. With a sample of 124 people, the researchers provided two cases and were asked to report all hypothesis and actions they would take regarding the information they were provided. For example, the first case involved a missing woman named Mheili Al Sayed. The detectives were provided information regarding the circumstances of her disappearance, reactions of the family members, and evidence they found. The detectives were tasked with using this data to map out the actions they would take. The detective’s actions and hypothesis were tested against a gold standard. The gold standard was a set of actions and hypothesis created by a panel of 30 experts. They tested both experienced detectives and novice detectives. They found that in the English sample, experienced detectives were superior to the novice detectives in terms of decision making in regards to that gold standard. Surprisingly they found that the Norwegian sample had no difference between the experienced and the novice sample in terms of decision making. It is also important to note that the novice Norwegian sample had significantly better investigative decisions than the novice English detective sample.
Both of these studies relate to my thesis in that they illustrate the role of experts in terms of those who commit homicide. In Flynn et al., (2016) the authors found

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