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I Will Survive
Don’t go wasting all your money on those other districts who’ll never win the games. Put your money on me and sponsor me because I will win this year's Hunger Games! The Hunger Games is something only a survivor can win. I am that survivor! I might be to clumsy but with my strength, my skill to fight, and how to fish and for food I will win the Hunger Games. That is how I will survive in this years HUNGER GAMES. One example why you should sponsor me is i'm ruthless. In the past game’s the champion has always been the ruthless one who wins all of his fights. I am the most ruthless person in my whole district. A couple months ago I qualified for a karate fighting tournament versing third cue to second dan. I was knocking down …show more content…

Also the winner of the past games has always been the strong one. I am very strong and can take a hit. In the past I have carried two kids on my back for 2 miles. This will ade me with gear I must carry and so I can build a basic sleeping area with logs. Another reason Last year I cut my thumb in half and didn’t feel that I cut it and didn’t notice the blood gushing out of my somewhat thumb. That is why you should sponsor me in this years games. My last example why you should sponsor me is i’m good at fishing which leads to food. In the past games another reason how people have won is by having the most food to survive on. I have learned how to fish and gut fish so then I can eat them for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. When I was seven my dad took me and my brother fishing while in Michigan. We caught about five fish and then my father taught us how to gut them. Then we ate them for dinner and it was amazing. That’s why you should sponsor me instead of those district 10 cheaters. Now you all think why should we bet on you or even sponsor you your. What happens if you don’t get a weapon and you have to fight someone. Well I have learned how to remove a weapon out of someone’s hands during close combat. I’ll let them charge at me then i'll tackle them remove their weapon and then kill them with

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