Explain the Constructivist Theory of Guidance

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2-28-2012 Explaining Guidance Theories: Developmental, Behavioral, Constructivist. Question: Explain Constructivist theory of guidance. ____________________________________________________________________________ Constructivism is rooted from philosophy just like sociology, ethnography and cognitive psychology. Already in the eighteenth century, the German philosopher Kant believed that a child’s learning was an interaction between the developing child and the environment. He believed that children constructed their own knowledge and understanding about things. This is a constructivist view of how children learn (Bruce, Meggitt & Grenier 2010). The child-centered constructivist approach to early childhood education has its …show more content…

During the Preoperational Stage (age 2 to 7) of development, children have an inability to classify and conserve, are egocentric and have a lack of logic. The following examples illustrate these characteristics. Piaget carried out a famous experiment to illustrate that the child at this stage is unable to see from another person’s perspective – ie they are egocentric. The child was shown a 3D model of

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