Exploring Aspects of Abortion Essay

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Exploring Aspects of Abortion

An abortion is the termination of a pregnancy before birth, resulting in the death of the fetus. Some abortions occur naturally because the fetus does not develop normally or because the mother has an injury or disorder that stops her from carrying the pregnancy to term. This type of abortion is known as a miscarriage. Other abortions take place because the pregnancy is unwanted or if there is a risk to the woman's health.

Induced abortions are performed using one of several methods. The safest way is depends on the age of the fetus. Abortions that take place in the first 12-13 weeks of the pregnancy are least likely to result in the death of the mother but …show more content…

Every human being has the right to live and that right should be protected. The fetus is in no real sense "part" of the mother but is a separate and distinct human being. Most women have abortions for their own convenience without even considering the fact that they will be killing another human being. People "for" abortion argue that the fetus is nothing but a bit of tissue but that does not change the fact that there is miniature person in that womb. A lot of people say that abortion can be justified if the mother was impregnated as a result of rape but why punish the child for the sin of the father? Women can get immediate medical treatment to prevent pregnancy.

In the UK and US, contraceptives are available almost anywhere so there shouldn't be any unwanted pregnancies. Making abortion only encourages teenagers and adults to have sex.

There absolutely is no need for abortion when others who might not be able to have children want to adopt a baby. There is a lack of adoptable babies mainly because of abortion being legal. The abortion could have psychological effects on the woman who will have to live with the feeling of guilt for the rest of her life. Abortion is not as safe as a normal pregnancy and it greatly increases the chances of miscarriage in future pregnancies. Highly developed fetuses already have their central nervous system

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