Expository Writing : You 're Raising Suicidals

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Jazzlynn Testerman
Hour 6
Expository Writing

You’re Raising Suicidals
“You’re raising suicidals with your predetermined titles.” This is the all-telling line from Benny’s song “Little Game.” The entire song is dedicated to the message that gender roles are something we are shoved into with little regard to who we actually are. Many people feel trapped in their gender roles, whether they are transgender or not. Most of us are trained to stay inside this little box and listen to orders like a monkey in a cage. Play with the dolls. Wear a dress. You, cut your hair. Pink is for girls, you can’t wear that! But why? Why is the expectation to stay inside our little boxes, while outside the glass such amazing things are waiting for us? You can’t put someone in a box and expect them to be happy. Some people would rather kill themselves than live like that. And whose fault would that be? I think we know the answer. You can’t expect someone to sit in a box and obey blindly just because you told them so. I will not sit idly and let wonderful things pass me by. I will always, always choose my heart over anything anyone else tells me.
With a fury I had been scrolling through google, tumblr, and youtube, reveling in the feminine faces that had hair closely cropped to their scalp. Some had bangs. Some didn’t. Some were even shaved. I still ache for something like that-something edgy and out there. Something different. I begged my parents, arguing and becoming angry, defending my
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