Extinction Of The Dinosaurs

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Stephen Gould’s essay “Sex, Drugs, Disasters, and the Extinction of the Dinosaurs” completely agrees with Joseph Williams and Gregory Colomb’s essay “Argument, Critical Thinking, and Rationality.” Gould’s essay deals with three theories for the extinction of the dinosaurs, two of which he argues are entirely invalid because they are not in accordance with the basic rules of argument laid out by Williams and Colomb in their essay. Gould also states that the third theory of dinosaur extinction, natural disaster, follows all the rules that Williams and Colomb espouse, and thus is a sound argument. Gould, Williams, and Colomb all state that the world has a problem with irrational arguments being shoved down people’s throats, and call for a …show more content…

Gould praises Alvarez for his theory and the fact that it is flexible and sparks debate. Consider this: a man proclaims to the world that the sky is gray. This is not based off of any factual evidence, and it sparks no debate because people will either believe the theory against factual evidence or disagree with it because it is not factual. Now if a man were to say the sky is blue and openly inquire about why it is that color, new doors are opened, and discussion is created. Most people would believe this man, because his theory is based off of factual evidence, and it would generate a discussion because his theory raises a new question that can be spoke on limitlessly. This is the same point that Gould is trying to make; baseless thoughts shun discussion while factual ideas tend to open a forum for debate and new ideas. Gould espouses more of the ideology of Williams and Colomb regarding why the theories of dinosaurs being incapable of having children and overdosing on psychoactive plants are entirely without merit. Williams and Colomb say, “we engage one another cooperatively in arguments, we aim not to coerce or seduce others into mindless agreement, but to enlist them into helping us to find the best, most reasonable solution to a shared problem”(67). Williams

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