Eyewitness Testimony Essay

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The human mind can be a very important tool, but it can also be highly flawed. The mind can remember an extensive amount of information. However, it can make people think things happened that never truly happened. Eyewitness testimony has always played an important role as evidence in the courts system. Juries on a trial tend to believe eyewitness testimony over any other evidence, even if other evidence differs from the eyewitness testimony. When little other evidence is presented, eyewitness testimony tends to be the primary focus. Many wrongful convictions have occurred due to these false eyewitness statements. According to George Vallas, in “A survey of Federal and State Standards for the Admission of Expert Testimony on the …show more content…

In many of our domestic cases such as child custody or divorce we also rely on testimonies from witnesses. These can make or break a case most of the time. Many factors can contribute to false eyewitness testimony including human memory is not reliable, police identification procedures, conditions, violence weapons, and stress
Police Identification Procedures: Good or Bad?
When police bring in an eyewitness to identify the suspect(s) many procedures have to be followed. Two of the main procedures are photo identifications and lineups. When it comes to these procedures many flaws tend to occur. For example, the witness may not be told the suspect may not be among the photos or in the lineup. According to Marc Green, in his article, “Proper eyewitness identification procedures,” Green claims that the witness does not compare each picture to their memory. Instead, they examine all of the pictures and then the witness chooses the one that would seem to most likely to be the offender. The witness is more likely to just pick a picture even if the perpetrator is not among the pictures they were given. They may do this because of stress, pressure, or just because they are scared (195-198).
Juror reliance can contribute to wrongful convictions. Even though eyewitness testimony has caused many wrongful convictions, the public, has still has found them to be very trustworthy in trials. In his article, “Proper eyewitness

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