F. Scott Fitzgerald 's The Great Gatsby Essay

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Gatsby and Motifs Throughout the novel “The Great Gatsby”, F. Scott Fitzgerald used a lot of different motifs and themes to symbolize to help see the reality behind Gatsby and the other characters in the novel including Daisy. The author uses various colors and physical places such as the green light at Daisy’s dock as Gatsby’s unattainable dream of being with Daisy while the Eyes of T.J Eckleburg in the valley of ashes to portray as God’s eyes as well as the reader’s eyes watching Gatsby yearn for his dream only for it to be crushed with a bullet and killed. The novel also illustrates how the American dream can attain one’s wealth and glory but at a hefty price of falling for greed and corruption through Gatsby’s fall. In the end, we really wonder why does attaining wealth make one so greedy and why is Gatsby trying to bring Daisy back to him despite it being a moment of the past that cannot be relived, a reality that Gatsby cannot accept. The most important motifs that are prominently symbolized throughout the novel is wealth, the American dream, and corruption. Corruption stems from attaining glory and wealth which is symbolized by the color green. It represents everyone’s hopes and dreams of attaining fame and wealth from the American Dream despite not everyone is able to attain an extraordinary amount of the two. The color of money is green which is what Gatsby uses to portray the wealth he has achieved. Throughout the novel, Gatsby’s mansion is mentioned to have the

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