Fabrication Lies In Propaganda

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There are many types of lies. The numerous kinds helps one to describe a specific sort with only a few words. This paper will examine more closely one of these types, a fabrication. More precisely fabrication lies and their presence in propaganda, such as in a pamphlet produced by “The Flying Squadrons of Speakers”.
Fabrication lies are most clearly defined as lies that could be true, but the one who states them is not basing them on any real direct knowledge, they may also be a falsification of the truth in a plausible way (1). What makes fabrication lies so interesting then, is that if the fabrication is in actuality an accurate statement then the one who stated the fabrication is not in fact lying despite their intent to mislead. The definition …show more content…

The Flying Squadron of Speakers (FSS) was an organization of citizens formed after the First World War to promote “The American way” through oratory propaganda. In this paper a pamphlet produced by the FSS to attract new members will be analyzed. The most titillating aspect of this pamphlet is that it is essentially a propaganda piece promoting the need for more propaganda. Its xenophobic pages concentrate on reminding its readers that the immigrant must learn how to be an American, and that propaganda is the best way to do so.
The pamphlets most repeated fabrication is that all foreigners that have arrived on the shores of America are completely ignorant of the way of the American, and thus sow
Anti-Americanisms, in particular Bolshevism and Communism (3, pg. 5). There can be no doubt that some immigrants did do this, but to imply that all did is simply inaccurate, a twisted but still plausible to those panicked enough, take on reality. This example could also be classified as an exaggeration lie, however because no evidence is cited to support the claim on the part of the FSS, it is clear that this statement was made without any true knowledge of the situation, allowing this statement to also fall under the category of falsification. In contradiction to this claim only 0.038 percent of the population was a member of the Socialist Party of America in 1919 when this pamphlet was published (4), (5). One could hardly claim that this was an impending revolution as the FSS does. This suggests that the claims being made in this pamphlet are uneducated, without any tangible base in the reality of the

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