Factors Leading To The Ethical Meltdown At Enron

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To understand the contributing factors leading to the ethical meltdown at Enron, one must first understand the cultural norms of the organization, because, organizational culture according to Al Saifi (2015) is the centerpiece in describing and implementing the organization’s goals. Cultures according to Johnson (2015) are a combination of things that one can see and things that one cannot see, but, are in the minds, and in the form of ideas, feelings, and belief (p. 381). When an individual joins an organization, they already have a set of principles that come along with them; but, the organizational culture in which they are going tends to have a significant effect on the actions and performance of these individuals (Al Saifi, 2015). Most of the individuals involved in the Enron case are described as people who would have done exceptionally under different circumstances or in other organizational cultures (A Conversation About the Documentary 'Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room,' 2012). However, the culture of profit making at all cost, which is the dominant culture at Enron, transformed the actions of these employees, forcing them to act unethically. Upon my evaluation of the video "A Conversation About the Documentary 'Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room,'" I was able to identify the following elements within the culture of Enron that contributed to the moral downfall of the organization; these are the elements of greed, arrogance, and superiority. The element

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