Fahrenheit 451 By Ray Bradbury

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In part one of the book Fahrenheit 451, Montag 's character is seen as a dirty, downright, beat up fireman. The type of fireman he is, is a fireman that starts fires he does not put them out. This novel is a dystopia which is a society that has tried to get better but failed miserably. The author Ray Bradbury, changes Montag 's point of view throughout the novel.

Montag is just like everyone else in the book, in which he is not aware that the people in the society are basically brain washed. The society is being controlled by the government but they don 't know it. So Bradbury uses Montag 's character to show that the society is different and is not aware that they are being held under the governments super vision. In the story there is a character named Clarisse, she changes Montag by asking him "are you happy". It is then when Montag changes his point of view on the world and some things around him like his personal life.

When Montag walked into his house one night and goes into his bedroom he sees his wife sleeping on her bed unconsciously. When he goes over to his bed he sees that there is an empty bottle of sleeping pills on the ground, so he calls the medical doctors to come and help his wife. He cares about people now like his wife after he met Clarisse. After the incident was over he had trouble going to sleep after thinking about Clarisse and his wife 's over dose on sleeping tablets. In their society they usually didn 't have time to think.

In the morning when

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