Fahrenheit 451 Character Analysis

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In a society where technology controls people’s minds, empathy is lost. Stuck to radios and television programs, one may forget who their loved ones are. In his novel “Fahrenheit 451,” author Ray Bradbury uses the thoughts and actions of his characters to develop the idea that a healthy society cannot exist without empathy. This becomes clear to readers when a marriage is questioned, and when random acts of violence are carried out on a regular basis.In the novel, the protagonist, Guy Montag a fireman, meets a curious young girl, Clarisse, whose thoughtfulness incites him to evaluate his own morals. In this future world, firemen are not in charge of putting out fires; instead, they start them. Books are outlawed, and firemen reinforce the …show more content…

For it would be the dying of an unknown, a street face, a newspaper image…” (Bradbury 44). The two of them spend so little time together that they hardly know each other. In fact, Mildred can’t even remember when and where they met! “And suddenly she was so strange he couldn’t believe he knew her at all. He was in someone else’s house, like those other jokes people told of the gentleman, drunk, coming home late late at night, unlocking the wrong door, entering a wrong room, and bedding with a stranger and getting up early and going to work and neither of them the wiser” (Bradbury 42). Mildred spends most of her time in her parlor, watching programs on her three “TV walls,” though she wishes she had four. Montag, after meeting Clarisse, who spends quality time with her family, questions his love for his wife, and her love for him. Books tell stories to their readers: stories of love, empathy, redemption, relationships, and all other human qualities. This futuristic society doesn’t have books to display these human qualities, so they have been forgotten, altogether. Without literature to explain and venerate love and empathy, most people don’t know how to use it, themselves. There is a point in the story where Guy Montag is nearly hit by a car while he is walking down the street. The people in the car had intended to hit him. “He looked down the boulevard. It was clear now. A carful of children, all ages. God knew,

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