Fahrenheit 451 : Dystopia And Modern Society

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What is your ideal utopia? In the book Fahrenheit 451 the government tries to make a utopia by burning books, thinking it's going to make the people happier. The dystopian society compared to our modern day society has a different idea of happiness and how to solve things.

The life in Fahrenheit 451 is different compared to our modern day life because of the fireman's job. In their society firemen burn books, houses, and even people, this is why citizens are afraid of firemen. Firemen also have mechanical hounds that are incredibly dangerous and never fail at their job to either kill you or track you. In the beginning of the book it reveals what the job and symbol of a fireman is when it states, “With his symbolic helmet numbered 451 on his solid head,and his eyes all orange flame with the thought of what came next, he flicked the igniter and the house jumped up in a gorging fire that burned the evening sky red and yellow and black” (1). The firemen are there to do their job no matter if they like it or not. So even if people are scared of them, they don't care. This compared to our modern society is much different. Firemen for us put out fires, instead of starting them, they read books instead of burning them, and last but not least they care about your life. Later on in the book Clarisse, a seventeen year old girl explains how their people feel about firemen when she says, “So many people are. Afraid of firemen, I mean” (5). This shows that the firemen in their society don't do good things that make people feel safe. In our modern day society people rely on firemen and see them as heroes. While in Fahrenheit 451 they are frightened of firemen and don't want to be around them because their actions terrify people. This shows that Fahrenheit 451s society is much more different and chaotic then ours.

The people of the society in Fahrenheit 451 barely communicate and don't care about others. People in their dystopian society don't have real relationships or even talk about things. Everyone talks about the exact same things, nothing important. Nor does anyone shows that they love one another. For instance when Montag was talking to Clarisse in the beginning of the book he describes how she differs

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