Failing Is Very Common And Acceptable, We Are Set To Fail

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Failing is very common and acceptable, we are set to fail in order to learn from our mistakes. Think about an adolescent who has been executed because the jury sentenced him, but it turns out he was innocent. Would human failure be acceptable in this specific case? Of course, not, “learning” from this mistake would not bring the person’s life back it would only reinforce us to accept how inhumane the death penalty is. In the 18th century, society endorsed that killing people due to their crimes was the right thing to do. They let the hate and anger take over them not knowing they would end up feeling the same. After this law was passed there was a slight increase of the capital punishment. The death penalty violates people’s rights and it…show more content…
We seem to follow all these norms but once it comes to judge another human being, we forget about it.
No one should have the right to take someone else’s life. The death penalty violates people’s rights by not giving criminals the right to live. According to William A. Schabas, the declarations of the right to life are present in many pre-revolutionary American documents, authored by puritans who had fled religious persecutions in England (Schabas 9). Also, Article 1 of the international declaration of human rights recognized the right to life by stating, “It is the duty of every State to recognize the equal right of every individual to life, liberty and property, and to accord to all within its territory the full and entire protection of this right, without distinction as to nationality, sex, language, or religion” (Schabas 11). As stated in Article 1 the States are not doing their job of “the protection of this right”, they even agreed on passing the death penalty law, which does not bring protection; what brings protection is the criminals being imprisoned but not death. The death penalty is opposing the right to life, liberty and security of a person. How is this document promoting security? We do not get security by killing. By supporting the death penalty, we are not supporting every individual’s right to life, which is a fundamental and sacred right that belongs
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