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Fairy tales are something that everyone has read or seen, they all seem to have important lessons at the end of each one to teach young children some of the lessons they need for life. These fairy tales when we were younger all seemed innocent and something we all hoped that would happen to us. Little did we know as we got older that the fairy tales we all knew and loved when we were younger, weren't as innocent as they seemed.
The fairy tales we all read when we were young seemed so innocent but a second look at a older age they turned out to be filled with some shocking details that we all missed. The Little Red Riding Hood tale is one of the earliest ones that I was told as a child and it was something that taught not only me but many others. As I re-read that fairy tale there were many things that shocked me because I was not aware of it before then. In the story Riding Hood’s mother ask her to take food and some other things to her grandmother who lives in the next village over. In this story it does not specify how old riding hood is but I can only assume that she is at a young age because of the name that she goes by which is Little Red Riding Hood. At this point I was shocked because why in the world would any good mother send her young daughter all alone to her grandmother's house in the next village over with the only path leading that way is through a thick dense forest. This is at very beginning of the story and already there was something that was a little

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