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A family is a group of people associated by blood relationships or affinity living in a similar living arrangement. (Brinkerhoff, White, Ortega, & Weitz. 2008) A family is considered one of the most important and universal social institutions because it is the first known human social system that has its characteristics and functions that affect the community, but what creates a family may differ from a culture to another. Recently, women's rate in labor force has increased. Mothers being in labor force and having double-earner families gave women financial power, which shifted traditional parenting roles and elevated the economy of society. (Gross, 2014) The role of the fathers has also changed, as they used to take the leader's role…show more content…
First, the family gives its individuals a social identity which is primary for our life. Youngsters are naturally introduced to their parents' social class, race and ethnicity, religion, and so on. A few people have favorable circumstances all through life due to the social identity they gain from their parents, while others confront numerous impediments as the social class or race and ethnicity they have is at the bottom of the social hierarchy. (Barkan, 2005) Family helps in socialization, as it is the first place to teach the norms of the society. Family helps in increasing the population, but this might cause over-population. Moreover, if children are born in low-income families, they might be vulnerable to being street children. Also, this might reduce their chances in having a job in the future which might increase the crime rates. To sum it up, families can be a burden on the society, but they also can be contributors in the society to help it grow and…show more content…
And if family is damaged, the whole society will fall apart because it's the basic unit of the social structure.

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