Family / Community Care Plan

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Family/ Community Care Plan and Self-Care Plan The Riverez family has faced many struggles throughout their lives. They currently reside in an area that has brought them many stresses. Financially they are unable to move to a safer neighborhood and they do not receive any support from their families. Both parents dropped out of high school, which is causing a financial strain on their family. Mr. Riverez is working two
Part-time jobs to try and support the family. Although Julio has somewhat of a work ethic he is quite discouraged because of making such low wages and having to work 2 jobs to provide for his family. After a few weeks of moving into the area Mr. Riverez was shot in the chest while rival gangs fought in …show more content…

Due to the financial strain they are unable to provide proper nourishment for their family and on many occasions, have not been able to maintain their utilities because of unpaid bills. There are several interventions that need to put into place to help the family to heal. For one Quianna could benefit from being placed in a group setting with people with similar PTSD symptoms so she can realize she has issues that need to be addressed. In addition she needs to see the negative impact she is having on her children’s future. Julio needs to understand the importance of maintaining his health for his and his family’s future. Julio would also benefit from understanding the importance of learning to speak the English language. Both Quianna and Julio could benefit from understanding how reconnecting with their extended families could help bring a positive experience to their children’s future. Their eldest son Rico is having issues staying in school and needs to see the significance of staying in school and how it will impact his future. Most importantly the Riverez family needs to be shown that there are safer places to raise their family. Everyone comes from a different culture and it is imperative to understand their culture and abide by the ethics that are put into place. The Riverz family has faced much trauma in their lives and it is important to address each problem individually. As a practitioner it

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