Family Conflict And Its Effects On Our Families

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Personally, everyone has experienced some sort of family conflict in their everyday life. There are numerous effects that cause all these conflicts in our families, but what provokes the conflicts to occur? What happens when a divorce occurs in our families? My really great friend from Earlimart Elementary School has been in multiple family conflicts and blames herself every time her parents get into a verbal fight. People shouldn’t blame themselves if the conflict doesn’t apply to them, for example, my best friend’s parents would fight over money. Obviously, this conflict absolutely had anything to do with her; therefore, but it made her feel guilty because she couldn’t do anything about it. She suffered several health issues that caused …show more content…

But they needed additional support I tried referring them to a family therapist sadly it was way out of their budget. However, my friend’s mother was weary of her husband controlling her; therefore, she came into conclusion the best thing to do was divorce her husband. Personally, I didn’t know how to take the decision she was about to attain since it was going to influence my friend’s mental health in myriad ways. When my friend heard the unveiling decision, her mother was about to make, she was devastated. Thus, she completely fell into a vast depression that cause her to attain an anxiety attack and ended up in the hospital. Her mother felt so much anger towards herself and blamed everything on her husband and their money conflict. The anger kept arising within her family, which wasn’t going to settle anything.
“Possible stress on the children during the parents’ divorce is largely mitigated by the fact that, at first, the children see their father often enough. Fathers do not suddenly “disappear” from their children’s lives, and initially their meetings occur relatively often.” (Shevchenko 95) Due to the separation my best friend became rebellious and careless about everything. She would always question herself about her what caused her mother to take the decision she made. Therefore, she started blaming herself for her parent’s separation and the situation they would always have of their economic

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